We invest in and offer advice on businesses that relentlessely

pursue and foster creativity, talent and innovation.

About Us

We invest in and offer advice on businesses that relentlessly pursue and foster creativity, talent and innovation.

We are an the ideal home for talented creators and sharp entrepreneurs.
We offer them a balanced mix of techniques, technology and smart capital, to successfully unleash their creativity and collectively achieve great business goals.

We invest in innovative startups and Media&Entertainment projects that respectively target fast-growing markets and global audiences

We partner with creators and entrepreneurs, as well as with key industry players, with whom we plan, launch, and grow cutting edge businesses. Those ventures incorporate unique ideas and state-of-the-art technologies, to enhance the delivery of of traditional products to underserved markets. We support those creators who are maniacally attentive to details to ensure the delivery of outstanding properties, products, and services.
We establish protective and disciplined investment frameworks that ultimately improve the effectiveness and integrity of creative processes, while ensuring long-lasting relationships with investors and financiers.

We mainly focus on Latin American opportunities and markets looking for robust global positioning of our businesses

We bring global expertise, competences, and market outreach to unleash untapped creative and entrepreneurial potential available in our target markets Viceversa, we deploy strong multi-disciplinary local expertise in benefit of our strategic partners to maximize the positioning of their value proposition in the target markets
Our investment approach relies on the opportunistic value of business ideas, but we also attentively look at sustainable growth as a key driver to maximize our exit strategies, as well as the social and cultural impact within our communities.

What We Offer

Venture Capital

•Multilateral Financing
•Special Situations


•Fund structuring and management
•Business and IP Development
•Digital Marketing & Strategic Planning
•Incubation Accelleration
•Corporate Finance
•Institutional Relations

Entertainment Finance



We firmly believe in the potential of younger generations of creators and entrepreneurs in our target markets.
A group of trusted partners who share common ethics, vision, and the drive to work hard to achieve exceptional results. Our work will benefit from the integration of innovative talent and traditional business drivers, resulting into the creation of very special products and remarkable experiences that leave lasting impressions on people. Collectively, the team has more than 120 years of senior professional experience in media, finance, engineering, marketing, real estate, and industrial operations across Europe, the US, Latin America, and Asia.
Seasoned executive and serial entrepreneur with +25 years experience in both mature and emerging markets.
Core competencies: strategy, corporate finance, M&A, institutional relations, emerging markets.
Industries: media+entertainment, banking, finance, energy, agribusiness.
Expert entrepreneur and it project manager with +25 years experience in business development.
Core competencies: IT, Marketing, Operations, Team Building, eCommerce.
Industries: Technology, Consumer Products and Services, Agribusiness.
Senior economist with +30 years experience in the public and private sectors.
Core competencies: Economic Development, Monetary+Fiscal Policies, Finance, institutional relations
Industries: Public Sector, Banking, Energy Consumer Services.


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